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Sprint offers wireless software upgrades

Sprint offers wireless software upgrades
By Staff Writers 7 January 2005 09:45 AEST

An emerging need for frequent software upgrades for mobile phones is being addressed by US
telecommunications provider Sprint, which said it was starting
to offer software upgrades over its wireless network.

Sprint said a service, dubbed Sprint PCS Wireless Software Upgrade, was being offered on seven
handsets and could save customers a trip to Sprint stores.

The firm said it was the first US mobile-phone provider to offer a wireless software-upgrade

"With advanced megapixel cameras, camcorders, and downloadable content, the embedded operating
software on wireless devices is becoming more complex and
may occasionally require an update," said Sprint senior vice president John Garcia in a statement.

"With Sprint PCS Wireless Software Upgrade, customers can conveniently get those upgrades directly
on their phone without visiting a retail store or calling
customer service."

Sprint credited South Korean handset manufacturer Samsung with recognising the benefit of wireless
software upgrades.

Sprint said five Samsung phones were enabled for the upgrade service, as well as one phone from LG
and one from Sanyo.

Sprint said it had earmarked US$3 billion to deploy high speed EV-DO data service -- a measure that
could eventually require subscribers to frequently update
their phones with new software releases.

Sprint also recently announced its intention to merge with Nextel Communications, with Sprint to
become the surviving corporate entity.

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